BS/AR recipient; Joanne Reid


Basic Space's artist residency was selected by Nom er Piat which wasn't what Lee Welch was expecting when he asked Raimundas Malasauskas to choose a recently graduated artist.

Nom er Piat sounds like a person who reconstructs there name regularly, as in a collaborating agent of disappearances and reappearances. Not unlike identity theft or being the 5th funniest person in a thread bare roster of friends. It's these transitory infractions that are Nom er Piat's introductions.

For example Nomer Piat has an almost uncanny ability to guess what people are about to do, because of his extreme sensitivity to body language, but he's also trapped in the moment, incapable of projecting the consequences of his actions back and forward in time. In a similar way that hares can run uphill fast - please remember - when they want to run downhill they have to zigzag. This is because their hind legs are taller than their fore legs.

Note on selection; If Joanne went by the name Jo Jo she would be linked to Nom er Piat through smell and within logic this difficult selection was made on that basis. Congratulations Jo Jo.

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